Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Sewing Space

Hello Chickadees!

Wow! The entire month of November has flown by, and I have only posted once! Whoops!
I promise that I'm still alive, but there have been so many secret projects in the works that I haven't been able to blog about. I'm so sorry, but I promise that I'll show you all the finished products as soon as they gave been passed around by the christmas elves to their various recipients. It really is killing me to keep them all a secret!

This past November, Amanda from Bimble and Pimple started the November Sewing Photo a Day challenge. It was genius. I loved getting a little sneak peek into the "behind the scenes" of my fellow sewing peeps. Unfortunately I was not able to participate because I was away for a bit of the challenge, and had not had enough time to prepare posts. Womp womp.

One of the daily "challenges" was to show your sewing space. So I thought I'd do that here. To make up for the lack of blog posts... So here is my "Sewing Space", or as my husband calls it, "The messy dining room table". Normally it's a bit of a creative disaster, but I tidied up for you guys. Don't say I don't love you!

I sew at the dining room table. And although it's not the ideal sewing situation, it works for now. It has the bonus of an extra "shelf" in form of a windowsill. I keep all my feet and machine accesories in the box on the right, topped with my bobbin case (which was passed down from my grandma. It's fantastic. THANK YOU GRANDMA!) and needles. I have a cup that holds my scissors, a small ruler, and various marking tools so they don't go missing, and a small tupperware to store all my cut threads and scraps. This has greatly decreased the amount of time I spend cleaning up after sewing, so YAY! Next to that I have a little kit of serger bit and bobs (I still have not read all the way through the manual to match the items to their uses. Oops...) and my collection of serger cones that I "borrowed" from my mom. But I figure if I have the serger, she won't need the serger cones!

This baby, to me, is the most exciting part of my sewing collection. I've only ever had hand-me-down or borrowed machines before, which I don't mind at all, but it's something so special to have a machine that is all my own!

Meet Janie the Janome! Mom and Grandma gave me this amazing machine for my birthday/Christmas present combined. I've only used her a little bit, but I am so incredibly pleased to have a machine that works properly and sews whatever I feed it. An added bonus is the magical One-Step Buttonhole! This is the first machine that has made nice looking buttonholes, and it's very exciting! I can finally stitch up some durable shirts for Mister!

Next is my serger, Birdie. She squeaks no matter how much I oil her, so I've learned to embrace it. Birdie is temperamental, but she generally gets the job done. It's nice to be able to finish seams quickly! She was passed down from my Mom, and some day I'll get her to sit down with me and show me how to work some of the fancier stitches on this thing.

Lastly, my beautiful iron! For the longest time I was using an old iron that was passed down to me when my parents upgraded. The old iron had a broken steam function, and had taken a few swan dives from my ironing board. It was in pretty bad shape, so I decided it was time to replace her. I decided on the Black and Decker Classic. I loved the retro shape, and I loved that it was nice and heavy. I like my iron to actually help press the wrinkles out! This one is great, and I've had no complaints so far.

How do you guys set up your sewing space? Do any of you guys name your machines? Are you guys doing any christmas crafting for your loved ones?


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