Saturday, July 19, 2014

Summer Sewing Plans

Hello Chickadees!

Now that summer is here,it is time to start planning my summer wardrobe. This year's summer sewing is especially exciting, because I will be able to spend a decent amount of time actually outside!

1) Finish the lobster playsuit
I still have oodles of lobster fabric left, and I plan on making Mrs. Depew's Beach Bustier and Shorts, and if there is fabric left over, possibly the blouse from Butterick 5895.
2) Blouses
I have a blouse pattern that I half hacked from Gertie's shirtdress pattern that makes for gloriously fitted blouses. I want to stitch up a few more in breezy cotton to go with my shorts and skirts in the summer months.

When the weather gets warm, I want to live in gathered skirts. They are a sure-fire way to feel feminine and graceful without getting too warm. Plus I like that they take almost zero brainpower to sew.

4)Bombshell Swimsuit
I'm sure most of you have seen somebody in the blogosphere stitch up a Bombshell. This suit has the magical ability to make whoever sews it look like a pin-up goddess. It's fantastic. I have red and navy swimsuit lycra and will be stitching up several versions of this beauty!

5) Tiki dress
When I think of summer, I picture my honeymoon in Hawaii. Since we don't have the money to fly to Hawaii all the time (oh, if only that were the case!), I'll settle for a tasty drink in a tiki bar. There are a few cool ones around here, and a cool tiki bar calls for a hot Shaheen-style tiki dress! I'll be using Gertie's fabulous pattern, Butterick 6019 with this awesome blue tropical/tiki print fabric that I found at a local thrift store.

Hopefully I'll get around to getting all of this stitched up! Wish me luck!

What do you guys have planned for summer sewing? Let me know in the comments!


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