Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lobster Invasion!

Hello chickadees!

I have started falling in love with novelty prints. I've always loved the way they looked on others, but thought they were too silly for my wardrobe. But recently my style has evolved a bit, and I'm trying to embrace the whimsy of novelty prints. Which according to my brain meant that I needed to find the silliest print. So I jumped head first into the novelty print ocean and decided to find myself some lobster fabric! 

I put out a status in Facebook asking my friends to keep an eye out for lobster print fabric, because two (or three or ten) sets of eyes are better than one! My best friend's boyfriend mentioned that he would be visiting China and that he'd keep an eye out. Apparently he went on a very long search, and actually managed to find some! I was very excited when he sent me this picture.

He bought me an absurd amount of the blue one. Time to make a 1940's playsuit!

Since it's too cold here to wear a crop top or shorts, I started with the gathered skirt. I love wearing gathered skirts, but I generally despise making them. I never get the gathers even. I've tried all the different methods: One gathering thread, two gathering threads, three gathering threads, zigzagging over crochet cotton. Usually nothing works properly for me. But this lobster fabric must be magical, because I had absolutely no issues with it! I used three rows of gathering stitches, and it came together perfectly! Hurray!

I used a red zipper from my stash, and did a hand picked lapped zipper. I find this method is nice and simple, and makes for a lovely hidden zipper. So much better than fiddling with an invisible zip. I am so indecisive about finishing details that I had to ask Instagram which button to use.

Almost everybody chose the good wheel. I like the nautical-ness of it. I plan to use a few more of these on the shorts and crop top.

For the shorts portion of the playsuit, I've decided to try using Mrs. Depew's 1940's style beach shorts. Have any of you tried this pattern? It looks really cute and quite simple. Hopefully I won't have too many fitting problems. For the crop top/bustier, I hope to use another Mrs. Depew pattern- the 1950's beach bustier. I was inspired by Tasha's adorable polka dot playsuit.

This skirt makes me so happy! I love how easy it is to wear and style. Dirndl skirts can be easily styles in a 1940's, 1950's, or 1960's aesthetic. Three cheers for versatility! 

Love, Rachael

P.S. I promise that there are pictures of Project Anniversary Dress coming soon. We were having so much fun on our anniversary that we didn't get a chance to take any blog photos. I'll be wearing the dress to a gala this Friday, and perhaps my photographer brother might be kind enough to snap a few photos. 

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