Saturday, May 31, 2014

Anniversary Dress Reveal!

Drumroll please!

Here is the dress you've all been waiting for. I finally managed to get some pictures!

This dress is so fun to wear, because it is so full and swishy! I had to resist the urge to spin in circles all night. Everybody needs a swishy dress in their wardrobe.

Does anybody else feel really awkward when they pose like this? I get super nervous that I'm going to accidentally flash some poor passerby. 

The beading is my favourite part of this dress. After the first time I wore it, I looked at a photo and realized that the beading was totally underwhelming. I went back and added more beads, and I think it looks so much better now.

Also, can we take a moment to talk about how great my hair looks? My hair is usually stubborn, and it takes a long long time to brush my set into a decent style. This one only took about fifteen minutes. And it lasted two whole days. Go hair! Also, hair flowers cover a multitude of sins.


I'm fairly certain that this dress stretched out on the hanger. The first time I wore it, the straps stayed put, and there were hardly any wrinkles in the bodice. Maybe I should have sewn in some of those ribbon hanging loops. Live and learn, I suppose?


P.S. Special thanks to Dara for taking some of these photos and putting up with my mega awkwardness.

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